Triathlon Coach on Training in the Heat

Triathlon training can be challenging in any conditions, and in an Australian summer it can be both difficult and dangerous. It’s important to take steps to stay safe and maintain your performance while training in hot weather. Triathlon Coach Melbourne Steve Davis shares some tips to help you be safe and efficient in your triathlon […]

Triathlon Coach on Staying Fit Over the Holidays

With the holiday season well and truely upon us, it is a good time to stop and take a moment to reflect on how to maintain a healthy life balance. Coach Steve has some simple, healthy and easy to follow tips for staying fit and healthy over the holiday period. Maintain Your Training It can […]

Christmas Gift Ideas from a Triathlon Coach

With Christmas just around the corner, Coach Nestor Rivera sets out his list of what triathletes really want for Christmas! The thought of what to give a Triathlete might be coming to your mind right now. The idea of what to give a triathlete might be complicated due to the wide variety of gifts and […]


Triathlon Coach on Fitness Loss

As the festive holiday period approaches, many athletes will have in mind taking a few days, or even weeks, off to relax and unwind.  De-stressing from the constant demands of work, family, training and other commitments is important, but a lot of athletes begin to add stress by worrying abou tloss of fitness if they […]

Know Your Limits

During a very popular running event in Spain in November 2022, three athletes collapsed after suffering heart attacks and 125 other athletes presented with medical conditions that ranged from heat exhaustion through to heat stroke. A situation such as the above, thankfully, is quite unusual. What we can do with the information and data, though, […]

Triathlon Fitness Training

Celebrities Who Tri

Despite being a very individual sport and despite being a sport where the main point of focus is yourself, Triathlon is one sport where we tend to compare with other athletes, professionals and even friends. With this comparison we create a friendly competition, pushing ourselves to train hard and to beat ourselves each time. But […]

Davey Black Support Team

Being Successful in Triathlon and Life

In the world of triathlon, we tend to be amazed by the outstanding results most professionals produce. The top 1% of the athletes in triathlon produce results that most people can only dream of at every race they compete in, week in and week out. These athletes’ swims at paces of 1:20 min/100 m, bike […]

Train Hard, Recover Harder

For many people in the sport of Triathlon, it seems that the day doesn’t have enough hours to accomplish everything they wish to do. Between working, family, grocery shopping, social life, commuting, and of course training, there seems to be a need to find more hours to get everything completed. This common problem brings with […]

Periodised Training

Basic Cycling Etiquette

When the Covid pandemic broke out, people worldwide had their fitness routines interrupted. Because of this, they needed to find alternative ways to maintain their fitness. A huge amount of people either took up or re-found their love of cycling to help fill the fitness void created by lockdowns and working from home. There were […]

6 Steps to Coping with Injury

Choosing The Right Running Shoe

Running has become one of the most popular physical activities worldwide. It is estimated that around 15% of the global population use running or jogging as a part of their exercise routine. With this upshift in popularity, technology has also become much more specific. All sorts of equipment and accessories have developed and begun adapting […]