How to Run a Perfect Marathon

42.2km of running. The race of races. The legendary distance. The Marathon is the biggest test of a runner’s race calendar. It is a distance respected by all. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional athlete, the Marathon is the distance everyone respects, loves and fears. Books have been written and […]

Cairns Ironman Race Report by Coach Nestor

On the request of many Davey Black Triathlon teammates that I raced with on the day and who were watching from home, I’ll write my Ironman Cairns race report. This is a race that went beyond the realm of the physical fitness and transcended into the mental and spiritual areas of life. For those who […]

Age Is No Barrier

How to Race a Half Marathon

The Half Marathon is one of the most interesting race distances in the world of running. It is a true all-rounder which includes a taste of everything that running can provide as a sport. The half-marathon brings a spectacular challenge of the mind and the body. It consists of 21.1 kilometres (or 13.1 miles) of […]

6 Steps to Coping with Injury

Racing a 10km Run Event

Last week we spoke about how to run your fastest 5km race. This week, we move on to discuss the popular 10km race distance. This is a distance that requires very specific training, where race strategy becomes important. The 10km distance is an ideal test for the all-rounder athlete, bringing elements of speed, endurance, mental […]

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How To Race Your Fastest 5km Event

The 5km is one of the most popular, yet most excruciating running race distances there is. It is relatively short for the experienced long-distance runner, but it is uniquely fast paced and full of risks that can turn your race on its head in mere seconds. For most of us, running 5km race is usually […]