Month: October 2021


The Craziest Marathon in History

Every Marathon that is run anywhere around the world is a special event for a multitude of reasons. Just the distance, in its own right, is enough to make many of us cringe at the effort required just to finish the race. To compete at the Olympic level requires grit and determination that is only […]

Davey Black Triathlon

Meditating with Triathlon

In our blogs, we often talk about the many benefits the three sports that create triathlon have over our bodies and minds. We have touched on how training helps individuals cope with mental health issues. We know that it increases the body’s immune system and tissue regeneration. The social aspect and the benefits of introducing […]

Davey Black Triathlon

How to Return to Training Post Lockdown

Around the world, the new ‘covid-normal’ is now a reality. Australia, however, is still making progress towards our post-covid life. In some parts of the country, it has been almost 2 years since the first cases were reported and lockdowns became a day-to-day reality. Not only has it kept families apart, but it has engrained […]

Davey Black Triathlon

Quitting Self-Sabotage

If you have ever attempted any endurance-based sport, it is likely that you have thought very seriously about quitting at some point during a very hard training session or race. Endurance-based challenges, as exciting as they are, bring the element of taking your mind and body to the limit. In this blogDavey Black Triathlon’s Mental […]