Davey Black Triathlon

Active Meditation to Boost Motivation

Contrary to what many athletes think, endurance sport is rarely an activity where results are the main objective. Generally, we see athletes aiming for longer distances or faster times, however, sport is rarely a matter of numbers and more often a matter of passion, discipline, and sacrifice. In order to maintain our commitment towards such […]

The Four Pillars of Success

Technology Versus The Human Factor

Over the past decade, a debate has arisen between the effectiveness of technology versus the human factor of having a coach and the benefits of a club environment. Since the beginning of the 2000s, athletes have gone from owning a simple watch, to entering a new era of data tracking. Athletes, commonly used to only […]

Perfomance Training Camp

Black River Run

Join us for a quality run of your choice of distance. There will be 5km, 10km, 15km & 21.1km options available along the scenic Yarra River and Botanical Gardens walking trails. The Davey Black Club tent will be there to leave bags & valuables, and there will be a BBQ and drinks at the end […]