Being Successful in Triathlon and Life

Davey Black Support Team

In the world of triathlon, we tend to be amazed by the outstanding results most professionals produce. The top 1% of the athletes in triathlon produce results that most people can only dream of at every race they compete in, week in and week out. These athletes’ swims at paces of 1:20 min/100 m, bike at over 4kph, and then some can even get off the bike and run 3:20 min/km for a half Marathon.

What most people tend to overlook, however, is the emotional journey most of these athletes have been through to become the best at what they do. Today, Coach Nestor will provide some tips on how these professional athletes set their mind to being the best, and how we can apply these tips to build our own sporting, family, and business lives towards a higher level.

Think Broadly

Don’t focus one what single athlete can do. Every athlete has a specific body type, genetic make-up, and training history. The life they lead may influence their athletic ability. Instead, focus on what all athletes are doing. Keep an eye on their programs, look for the latest trends. The more you see the latest knowledge instead of individual cases, the more likely you will be able to implement and utilise these things.

Find Balance

A good athlete knows their limits. Athletes that focus too much on finding the next hard session or push to the limit all the time, will find themselves crashing and burning eventually. As a good athlete you need to find where your emotional limit is. Know when to rest and go for a coffee with your mates. The balance between training and personal life is one of the main pillars in a successful triathlon program. Finding the balance is key to maintaining a sustainable athletic career.


Getting fit and staying fit are two different things. Getting fit is a short to medium term objective that requires you to train hard and follow a program with all its challenges and obstacles. You need to take the chances and push the limits of your mind and body. Staying fit has long term benefits in both fitness and health. It is connected to maintaining the fitness by developing a routine, balance and creating a healthy lifestyle, not necessarily taking your body to beyond what’s normal.

Be Prepared to Change

Following a program 100% all the time is like finding a unicorn, it just doesn’t happen. Life has all sorts of situations that will stop you from doing absolutely everything that you have planned. From illness to a family emergency or even an unexpected financial expense. Be ready to change your day, week or even month. Leave some room for the unexpected to happen and even then, be mindful that life is unpredictable. This is where a face to face or online triathlon coach is invaluable. They are experts in shuffling, rejigging and making efficiency gains out of whatever situation life throws at you. As Coach Steve Davis says, if you can do 80% of your program 100% of the time, then you will be successful.

There are no Shortcuts

Achieving your goal has no tricks or secrets. If you want to get to where you want to be, you don’t need to buy all the gadgets and equipment on the market to help gain and advantage. All you need to do is to keep showing up. If you focus on showing up over and over and your body will repay you with the result you are aiming for. It is all about keeping consistency over time.


Training requires time and patience. Those athletes that you see breaking records and becoming champions have been training for years, if not decades. The earlier you start, the closer your dream will be. Stay focused, be patient, and don’t forget to be caring with yourself. “It took me 10 years to become an overnight success.” – Jeff Bezos.

These thoughts have been taken from athletes who have worked hard and are now enjoying the success of years of training. These examples can easily be applied to many facets of our lives. From creating a family to developing your career and even a financial investment. Triathlon as a sport is a representation of the world we live in, and as such there is so much we can learn from life itself by engaging in this sport.

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