Month: December 2022

Triathlon Coach on Training in the Heat

Triathlon training can be challenging in any conditions, and in an Australian summer it can be both difficult and dangerous. It’s important to take steps to stay safe and maintain your performance while training in hot weather. Triathlon Coach Melbourne Steve Davis shares some tips to help you be safe and efficient in your triathlon […]

Triathlon Coach on Staying Fit Over the Holidays

With the holiday season well and truely upon us, it is a good time to stop and take a moment to reflect on how to maintain a healthy life balance. Coach Steve has some simple, healthy and easy to follow tips for staying fit and healthy over the holiday period. Maintain Your Training It can […]

Christmas Gift Ideas from a Triathlon Coach

With Christmas just around the corner, Coach Nestor Rivera sets out his list of what triathletes really want for Christmas! The thought of what to give a Triathlete might be coming to your mind right now. The idea of what to give a triathlete might be complicated due to the wide variety of gifts and […]


Triathlon Coach on Fitness Loss

As the festive holiday period approaches, many athletes will have in mind taking a few days, or even weeks, off to relax and unwind.  De-stressing from the constant demands of work, family, training and other commitments is important, but a lot of athletes begin to add stress by worrying abou tloss of fitness if they […]