Month: September 2020

Tips for ZWIFT Racing

Tips for ZWIFT Racing

Over the last few months, Zwift has become the number 1 platform to keep us together while training and racing indoors. Being in lockdown means that our method of racing has changed, but the excitement and the adrenaline are still there. For the majority of us, the Zwift platform has brought a whole new perspective […]


5 Minutes with The Ninja

How did he get there? Was he training with me all along? I never saw him coming and he is right here! Those are the usual questions everybody asks when they bump into The Ninja on a training session. Today we spend 5 minutes with the ever consistent and very resilient athlete, Michael Egan. Training […]

Davey Black Triathlon

5 minutes with Coffee Afficianado Andrea Campi

Hailing from the beautiful country of Italy, today, we spend 5 minutes with Andrea Campi. Andrea has been part of the Davey Black Tri Club for a long time, and has faced many races alongside the group. With his family, he has brought joy and happiness into the group, as well as inspiration to his […]

Minutes with Mt Everest

5 Minutes with Mt Everest Climber Mark Harland

This week, Coach Nestor got the chance to get to know a bit about Mark Harland, an unstoppable and incredibly disciplined athlete. From the freezing but friendly lands of Canada, Mark has lived all his life in contact with the sport. From his early years when he grew solid through rugby, agile through ice hockey […]

Triathlon World Championship


A message from Alexandra Fehon – Triathlon Australia National Age Group Manager: I just wanted to let you know that I have placed the 2021 Australian Age Group Triathlon Team Selection Policy, Appeal Policy and 2021 Australian Age Group Triathlon Team Application Links onto the Triathlon Australia website. I would like to take this opportunity […]

Tri Vic Zwift Race Series

Tri Vic Zwift Race Series

Hi Team,This is just a quick post to let you all know how to sign up to the Tri Vic Zwift Race Series for our triathlon coaching Melbourne athletes. Triathlon Victoria have created an exciting and unique Club v’s Club virtual race series to be run via the Zwift platform. It will consist of 6 […]