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Despite being a very individual sport and despite being a sport where the main point of focus is yourself, Triathlon is one sport where we tend to compare with other athletes, professionals and even friends. With this comparison we create a friendly competition, pushing ourselves to train hard and to beat ourselves each time. But have you ever wondered how you compare with some local and global celebrities? How far are you from beating a professional soccer player? Or how close are you from being faster than the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey?

Many big-name celebrities have raced Triathlon across all distances. Let’s look at a handful today. This way you can compare your times against the big names. It should be said that this measure is made for fun purposes only and it shouldn’t be taken as a reference for your fitness, your strength or endurance.

Sprint Distance

Jennifer Garner: This movie star, famous for movies like “Juno”, “Daredevil”, or “13 Going on 30”. Has done the Sprint Distance with a time of 1:36:16hrs.

Standard Distance

Matthew Mccounaghey: He completed the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. When he raced it should be noted that he was capable of holding a run pace of 4:15 min/km. Something to be proud of!


Jenson Button: The former F1 Champion has kept training hard. In Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa, the 2019 F1 World Champ registered a fantastic time of 4:13:54hrs. Several months later he competed at the IM 70.3 World Champs in Chatanooga 2017.

Chris Pratt: Some of you might remember him as Star-Lord from the Marvel Cinematographic universe fighting alongside the avengers. This Guardian of the Galaxy recently raced Ironman 70.3 Florida with a time of 7:04:56hrs. He raced this challenge to raise funds for those who have suffered brain injuries.

Iron Distance:

Sean Astin: Most of you might remember him as Sam in Lord of the Rings. Sean Astin raced in Ironman 70.3 Vineman. This actor, who portrayed one of the beloved hobbits from the middle earth, finished Ironman Kailua Kona with a time of 15:30:31hrs.

Luis Enrique: An Ex professional Soccer player, now the Spain National team coach finished Ironman Frankfurt with a time of 10:19:00hrs. Next time you watch the FIFA World Cup, you will see a really strong triathlete guiding the Spanish National team to victory.

Frederik, Prince of Denmark: The heir of the Danish crown, a member of the monarchy, completed the Ironman distance in Denmark with a time of 10:45:00hrs.

Gordon Ramsay: Not only a very well respected Chef, Gordon Ramsay is also a veteran Triathlete. Having raced multiple Ironman events and triathlons, he has a personal best record of 14:04:48hrs. He describes Triathlon training as a way of relaxing from the stress at work.

Tony Abbott: The former Australian Prime Minister finished the Iron distance in 2010. According to the records he did it in just under 14 hours. Lets hope he fuelled on more than raw onions!

Chris Hemsworth: Although he has not officially competed in Triathlons, Chris has trained with one of the strongest triathletes in the world, Ross Edgley. Ross Edgley has been famous for doing extremely unconventional events such as: Running a marathon while pushing a car, completing a triathlon while carrying a 50kg tree. It is not crazy to think that the “Nordic” avenger will be racing a Triathlon soon.

To finish, be mindful that regardless of their times or the distance they have chosen, every person has their own life. Feel free to use other athletes’ times to compare, but deep inside, it is your own journey the one that counts. It is not the money or the fame that makes an athlete, it is the consistency, the desire, the passion, and the discipline what makes an athlete outstand. See others as an example and maybe a source of inspiration, but your greatness lies within you.

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