The Importance of Yoga and S&C for Triathletes.

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Triathlon is a sport that demands a lot of time from those who train for it. Pool swimming, open water swimming, cycling, running and transition skills are all training sessions that need to be ticked off to ensure you can complete your race as well as you are able to. The challenge for any coach is when you ask your athletes to introduce or prioritise Strength training and Yoga to that mix.

The key to closing the gap between your ambitions and your abilities lies in adding a couple of quality hours per week focussing on the specific muscle groups. Making these muscles stronger and longer by strength and stretching will create a stronger, more robust and more efficient athlete.

Strength and conditioning and yoga at Davey Black Sports Performance are designed to give you, as an athlete, the sporting advantage you are looking for, as well as keeping you healthy and enhancing your muscular, aerobic and metabolic systems.

Strength and conditioning for triathletes tends to be one of the most overlooked and underestimated sessions of any athletes week. Mark Allen, the six-time Ironman world Champion, describes the result of going through an entire season of the development of overall body strength with a transition to muscular speed. He won the Nice International Triathlon, the Zofingen Duathlon and the Hawaii Ironman, all at the ripe old age of 35.

By working on areas like core, balance, stability, power and coordination, Davey Black Sports Performance ensure the correct and safe development of all athletes. Having a planned and well-executed strength program has been proven every season to translate to significant performance improvement in swim, bike and run.

Yoga brings with it the mobility factor that tends to be lost by doing a repetitive activity for long periods of time. It is not uncommon to see athletes developing muscular imbalances due to the long periods of time swimming, cycling or running. When not carefully considered, these imbalances can lead to injury. By working on activating, lengthening and strengthening muscle groups, Yoga helps to reduce the risk of muscular injury, and by activating muscles from different areas that are usually neglected, it improves the efficiency of the main muscle groups. On the mental side, yoga is also a good option to take the competitive pressure away and focus solely on getting back to a more calm and enjoyable state of mind.

At Davey Black Sports Performance we not only look after each athlete in their individual requirements, we work with them towards their objectives by focusing on their strength areas and those that need improvement. Each athlete can train safely knowing that every program is tailored for them and that each coach carefully considers their needs and objectives.

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