The Benefits of Yoga for Athletes


Athletes all over the world use yoga to improve their performance. Davey Black Sports Performance is not reinventing the wheel when we say that yoga increases flexibility and mobility. Our Triathlon Coach Steve Davis encourages his athletes to practice Yoga regularly as these physical improvements mean that you are less likely to strain or sprain joints or muscles, and you are able to train in all disciplines with better form and hold your technique for longer.

So, in what other ways can yoga improve your performance? What are all those athletes raving about that you might be missing out on? How can the Davey Black Sports Performance yoga team help you more than other yoga studios?

SIMPLE! We do yoga for athletes! We understand athletes specific needs and we understand that you might not be able to bend like a pretzel. Our Yoga teachers are highly experienced and will meet you at where you are and work with you from there.

When you spend so much of your time exercising your physical body, you need to complement this training with movements that also rejuvenate your mind and your spirit so you can find inspiration and motivation to stay on track.

Davey Black Sports Performance Yoga Teachers will help improve your sporting performance in 6 simple steps:

1. Tune In to Your Body

As an athlete you use your body not just as the vehicle that takes you through life, it is also the vehicle that you work from to help you reach your sporting goals.

Athletes need to understand the demands placed on their body in order to know when to slow down, speed up, work harder, or take a break. With yoga we will help you go inwards and develop the ability to listen to your body carefully and understand its cues.

2. Stay Focused

Your Triathlon Coach no doubt has told you that concentration is vital during long rides, or when riding on public roads. Athletes need to develop the ability to stay focused under all conditions and circumstances. Yoga will show you the way to stay in and enjoy the present moment. We complement our physical practice with mindfulness techniques that you will quickly learn.

3. Build a Different Kind Of Strength

When you train for one sport, you build specific strength in some areas but forget about other areas. Yoga will help you find those areas of your body that need extra attention as we work your whole body from your unique, personal alignment. This can only help to benefit your performance as an athlete.

4. Breathe It Out And Choose Your Next Move

Through techniques of breath control (in Yoga we call these techniques pranayama…fancy!) your breathing pattern can help you keeping your cool and calculating when performing. When your adrenaline is pumping, it can be hard to focus. Oxygen taken in correctly through controlled breath calms your body and mind.

Yoga is all about moving with your breath at all times. It will become second nature to take this technique off your Yoga mat and into your sport. This helps athletes calmly plan the next move without needing to stop the action.

5. Let It Go

We understand that as an athlete, performing can add anxiety, stress, and pressure. Yoga helps melt those stress hormones out, rejuvenating your body and preserving your natural energy level. Have you heard of Savasana? If you haven’t, oh boy your missing out!!!

6. Be Inspired To Inspire Others

At Davey Black Sports Performance we don’t just empower you as an athlete, we inspire you to be better in all areas of your life. We want you to feel and be happy from inside out. Through yoga we will assist you with postural alignment, breathing exercises, fascia release and we will put it all out there so you walk down those stairs with the biggest smile ever!

If you are an athlete who is yet to experience the benefits of Yoga, you can now try unlimited Yoga sessions for one month at Davey Black Sports Performance Yoga Studio for just $50. Sign up now and start feeling the benefits of improved performance.

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